Leister welder floor layer tool kit 220/240v New ST Pushfit hot air – Kit 7

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The new Leister ST Pushfit is the perfect hot air tool for high quality work in a variety of applications. Temperature range: 20 to 700 degrees. Built in potentiometer. can be used continuously. Built in element overheat protection, compatible with a wide range of nozzles.The original Swiss made hot air gun: The Leister ST Pushfit ensures high quality results every time and can be used in a variety of applications including plastic fabrication, roof membrane welding, welding fabrics, vehicle fairing repairs, shrinking and more! For more than half as century, the Leister Triac S has been the choice of professionals worldwide. Kit 7 includes:  The Leister ST Pushfit 220/240v,  Acorn pencil tip nozzle,  Speed nozzle 5mm,  P Groover, U blades (10),  Spatula knife,  Spatula guide sledge

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