Fast setting pu adhesive gripper door plates nosing glue6 x 310ml tubes

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Application with a cartridge gun.

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The best fast setting  adhesive for the flooring trade. Sticks in 5 mins with a 20 min cure ready to stretch onto gripper.

Fastgrip is a  solvent free Power Adhesive. It is a polyurethane adhesive with a pasty (thixotropic) structure which makes the adhesive suitable for vertical application. The adhesive cures through reaction with moisture from the substrate and forms a strong, durable, water resistant connection to wood, metal, stone, concrete, plastic and isolating materials like PU foam, PS foam, Rockwool and glass wool. For proper curing it is necessary that one of the surfaces is porous. Put the materials to be bonded together within the open time. Prevent any displacement. Keep the connection under pressure till a hand tight bonding is achieved.

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