Carpet Tractor Spike Head

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This original Carpet Tractor, can be used on all types of carpet, including hard to seam materials like tight weave short nap commercial carpet. The Carpet Tractor has three rows of 11/4″ diameter star wheel, steel rollers with each roller spaced by washers and the middle row offset from both end rows for uniform pressure across the seam. Tool measures 3″ wide x 61/2″ long x 21/2″ high.

To use a Carpet Tractor, simply roll it back and forth the length of the seam, applying pressure as needed. It can also be rolled across the seam until the desired appearance is achieved. You will learn through normal use that the required pressure to produce the best results will vary somewhat with different kinds of carpeting and seaming methods. It takes very little time and experience to become thoroughly proficient in their use. Even though you may not be an expert mechanic, there will be times when conditions beyond your control will make a Carpet Tractor the most valuable item in your tool box.

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